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MIO PrePaid Mastercard

The smartest way to handle money.

     The Mio money prepaid MasterCard is not just another card. The Mio card is a prepaid card for everybody. Once you activate, it provides you with the many conveniences a credit card offers and is safe and secure. It's the best way to protect your money from fraud, loss of theft because it's not linked to your bank account. Even if your card is lost, your funds are protected and your card can be replaced.

     Purchase things like travel, music and books online without any risk. Rent a car. Buy movie or concert tickets before they're sold out. Pay a phone bill online. Set up direct deposit with your employer. Mio requires no credit check and no bank account. Take advantage of the Mio benefits regardless of your previous financial history.

     Where can I use my Mio Card? 

     Your Mio card works anywhere debit mastercard is accepted. At gas stations, restaurants, stores, online or on the phone. Use your card at more than 900,000 ATMs worldwide to get cash anytime. You can also use your Mio card for all your long-distance calls and to reload your prepaid wireless account.

     Who can use my Mio card?

     Only people you choose to share your card and personal identification number (PIN) with will have access to your money.


How do I put money on my card?    

 1) At retail locations. Look for the Mio sticker on store windows everywhere. For loctions, visit or call customer service.

     2) Direct deposit. Deposit all or part of your paycheck directly and securely onto your Mio card.

     3) Online service. Deposit money to your Mio card online through card-to-card tranfers. Visit

What if I lose my Mio card?

     Unlike cash, Mio cards are FDIC insured and protected by a zero-liability policy. If you lose your card, call us. We will simply cancel it and send you a new one on the spot.

     Call our bi-lingual customer service at 1.866.840.Mio1 (6461) or visit